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How to Reach Us



Getting there by train:


Coming out of the new railway station, 100 meters to the right, the hotel is located on Rondò Giuseppe Garibaldi.


Getting there by plane:


It's possible to reach Sanremo landing at the nearest airports, and then get into the city by car or train.

Airports closer to Sanremo are:

- Nice Airport, which is only 50 Km from Sanremo

- Genoa Airport, which is only 130 km from Sanremo


Getting there by car


Motorway: A10 / E80 Genova-Ventimiglia, Autostrada dei Fiori

Exit toll: Sanremo or Arma di Taggia

The A10 / E80 Genova-Ventimiglia can easily reach the city of San Remo and all the towns along the Riviera; is also related to the most important Italian highways that converge in Genoa.


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